Cavern: City in the Dark

Cavern: City in the Dark by Nicholas Morine

Deep beneath the scarred and scorched surface of the Earth, the last of us remain. The Cavern is deep, dark, and damp. The city is busy, expansive, industrious. Technology has been salvaged, scavenged from the surface, and repurposed to a new fashion. Survival comes in the form of the shunt, drilled deep into the skull. A device that takes all the pain away, and lays it on the shoulders of one poor soul. The Sufferer. An old man, dying beneath the tree of tears. And when his heart breaks, it will spell doom for us all. Coal worms, flashing hooks in hand. Demons, beasts, and the threat of the undead. Shadows stalking the surface, and in the unseen shadows of the cavern city. Motors revving in high-gear, slicing across the Megapass. Revenge in all of its forms. Ancient martial arts wrestle with modern weaponry. Restless spirits seek change and a personal truth. A revolution of blood and honour begins to unravel. Cavern. The city in the dark. The last gasp. A fading light. Visit the shadow of our glory.