Fawning, Fear and Frustration: A Collection of Teenage Poetry from the ’90s

Fawning, Fear and Frustration collects thirty six poems, featuring a range of poetry that considers love, death and confusion in addition to a number of matters that lay somewhere in between. Many of these poems are raw, tinged with anger, uncensored, and I like it that way. It maintains the authenticity of the emotions I was struggling with at the time. However, the collection does not dwell entirely on anger, many of the poems fully embrace a ludicrous level of romance. Yes, it can be quite emo at times. Of course, some of these poems are just silliness, so I hope you can enjoy them with a sense of humour, too. Taken as a whole, Fawning, Fear and Frustration may make you relive the days of your youth, it may provide you with an insight into the lives of teens around you, it might make you question your assumptions and beliefs, and it just might make you laugh. Please, read and enjoy!

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