BOOK LAUNCH REGISTRATION FORM: Girly Muckle and the Queer Hands at The Battery Cafe

Girly Muckle can’t wait to meet you!

That’s right!

Bernardine Ann Teráz Stapleton’s Girly Muckle and the Queer Hands is here, alive and well and just waiting for you precious and precocious readers to share in her glee.

Due to current regulations, patrons are required to register in advance of attending the launch at the Battery Cafe on July 3rd.

Seating is limited, there is a minimum of three (3) patrons per table, and each table’s party must be their own bubble.

There is no fee for admittance, however we do encourage you to enjoy a lovely meal before purchasing your very own copy of Girly Muckle and the Queer Hands.

Complete the following required fields. Thank you kindly!

Girly Muckle and the Queer Hands
by Bernardine Ann Teráz Stapleton
Problematic Press is an independent publisher based in St. John’s, NL.