Day 1: It Has Begun

Welcome, friends!

This is a momentous occasion.  Problematic Press has just arrived on the scene with a mission to stimulate your hungry, eager intellects!

Problematic Press intends to challenge your fundamental preconceptions of the world through original works of literature as well as important, yet often neglected, texts from the past.  Our first release will be Robert Hayman’s Quodlibets, which is quite likely the first work of literature produced in North America.  Written while Hayman was Governor of the British colony in Harbour Grace, Newfoundland in 1628, this edition features David Reynolds’ adaptation of the Middle English poetry into more contemporary language, in order to make the text more accessible to today’s audience.  Reynolds makes every effort to preserve the poetic elements of Hayman’s work, which reflects upon matters ranging from spirituality to politics and is largely an appeal to the British to settle in the Newfound-land.  Quodlibets portrays the reflections and attitudes of one of Newfoundland’s, and also North America’s, founding fathers in unabashed eloquence.

Stay tuned for updates on other upcoming releases!  Tell your literati friends that Problematic Press is here to stay!


David Reynolds

3 responses to “Day 1: It Has Begun”

  1. Karl van Allen Avatar
    Karl van Allen

    Looking forward to seeing what you’re able to produce! I’m a freelance writer/editor myself, and lived in St. John’s for a little while. Just wanted to let you guys know that when I’m scrolling down your homepage, that hat image scrolls with me, obscuring some of the text I was reading.

    All the best,


    1. Dave Reynolds Avatar

      Thanks for the interest, Karl! And, yes, I’m aware of the scrolling hat logo. It was actually intended. It’s only problematic some of the time.


  2. Paula Avatar

    Modern-day “Quodlibets” sounds interesting! Let us know when it’s available.

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