MERCANARY™ is undergoing a metamorphosis.


Recognizing that memetry and meme poems are already things and terms, the memeoet [poet, collagist, clip-dj, meme-curator] wishes to clarify exactly what he means by memeoem.

Memeoem (n.) – an animated collage made from found or original images and an audio clip, and the collage must also include an original poetic line or some verse (or the absence of such might signal silence or a break between the stanzas in a sequence).

If the collage shares another post as the centrepiece of a memeoem, then it should link back to the source, thus encouraging engagement.

Influenced by dadaist aesthetics, each memeoem should be its own rabbit hole down which readers may find further content that somehow adds to or complicates the memeoem.

Meanings can be further exploded beyond the collage by placing memeoems in sequence.

Memeoem may refer to a single panel or a sequence of panels.

Instagram is an ideal medium for exploring such memeoems.

Those curious may find more memeoems @the.mercanary.

Those daring enough may explore making their own.

Have fun! Make art! Enjoy!

David Reynolds,

Follow this link to a 20-30 minute long memeoem sequence:

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