2023 Marks Ten Years of Problematic Press

Although it has been a wild journey, it’s almost difficult to imagine that Problematic Press has been publishing titles for just over 10 years now.

In that time, we’ve published eleven books, two albums, one zine, and a video game demo. We’ve also published a number of short-form works online, and we’ve done launches, readings, and presentations in the local community.

For a brief period, we even had our headquarters situated on Duckworth Street in historic St. John’s, Newfoundland.

It certainly hasn’t always been easy, but I must admit that I’m quite pleased with what we’ve accomplished as a small, independent publisher.

This wouldn’t be the same without the wonderful works of our authors and artists, and it’d be even less without the support of readers like you. My sincerest thanks to each of you for all your support throughout the years!

With 10 years behind us, who knows what’s to come next?

I know there are a few more projects on the horizon, and there may even be a special treat by the end of this year.

Keep an eye on this site for more details in the future!

Meanwhile, while you’re here, you can take a moment to check out Our Books.

Thanks again!

We appreciate it!

David Reynolds

That David Reynolds is passionate about language and literature must be undeniable. His first work was published when he was only 11 years old, and he’s been engrossed in the minutiae and nuances of the English language in one way or another ever since.

He holds a B.A. with a double major in philosophy as well as English language and literature, which led to his completion of the M.Phil. in Humanities, where he was fortunate enough to study superhero narratives in a broad context, culminating in his dissertation, Superheroes: An Analysis of Popular Culture’s Modern Myths.

Besides teaching English at Memorial University, he writes, edits, performs, and publishes a broad range of literature, primarily through Problematic Press, which he founded as a side project in 2013.