In addition to publishing literature, Problematic Press is also pleased to present a range of freelance services to clients in the St. John’s, Newfoundland region and the broader online community. With experience in English language instruction, writing, editing, proofreading, and publishing, David Reynolds is pleased to share his expertise, offering the following freelance services:

    • Copy Editing
    • Stylistic Editing
    • Substantive or Structural Editing
    • Print-On-Demand, Publishing, or Creative Consulting

To request information on rates and fees, please send an e-mail relating the scope and nature of the work to or fill in the form found below.

PLEASE NOTE: Besides our call for submissions, we are not currently accepting unsolicited material for publication. Problematic Press provides a range of publishing-related services to interested clients; however, under no circumstances do we accept unsolicited manuscripts of any kind. Such materials are destroyed without opening or otherwise viewing the content. Also, for serious inquiries only, clients may call David Reynolds personally at (709) 685-7745.

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