Upgraded Availability: Our Books are Now on Google Play

Problematic Press is pleased to announce a couple of recent upgrades.

Regularly, our books have been available to purchase through Amazon, in both print and Kindle editions.

Now, Problematic Press titles are available on Google Books through Google Play, as well, meaning our ebooks are easily available to over 2 billion Android and Chromebook users!

Plus, we’ve upgraded our online shop to provide our titles as .pdf files, so readers can enjoy reading our ebooks from nearly any platform!

Such deeds are worth a series of exclamations!

We believe this is a decent way to level up, at least.

Now, our fiction, non-fiction, and poetry can be accessed by more readers than ever before.

Thanks kindly for your interest in our works.

Your support of the print edition of The Marvelous Saga of the MERCANARY™ helps plant trees through the work of One Tree Planted.

Problematic Press is a small, independent publisher based in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

MERCANARY™ is the trademark of Problematic Press.

Problematic Press
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